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“The simplest way to make nature happy is to plant trees.” Tree plantation is the process of transferring of seedlings from one place to another for different purposes. Furthermore, there are various reasons behind tree plantation but the most important are forestry, land reclamation, maintain our climate and landscaping. Each process of tree plantation is important and unique in its own way. As Trees Disappear... Growing human populations and inefficient agriculture practices have led to an extreme loss of tree cover and the soil is no longer sufficiently replenished. The soil no longer absorbs water efficiently and suffers erosion instead. The soil, having lost its ability to retain water, As a result, soil erosion The falling water levels and dying soil are taking a devastating toll on our farmers, who suffer failed harvests and crippling debt ENOUGH ABOUT “GO GREEN”, IT IS TIME TO “ACT GREEN You must have noticed the term "Go Green" everywhere these days. It means different things to different people. Going Green generally refers to an individual action that a person can take through consumer habits, behaviors and lifestyle by using green products & services. All these services do play a relevant role in protecting the environment but just requesting for The simplest solution which Being Green aim at is to plant Trees and Act Green.

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