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On against Covid-19

About the theme

Nilam lives with her 22-year old son ,ram, in jakhaniya village of sadat block in ghazipur district. The lockdown, imposed to flatten the COVID-19 curve, has meant a complete loss of income for the family. Nilam is too weak to indulge in any economic activity. nilam was working in a MANREGA as a daily wage labourer; that has been shut since the lockdown. This was their only source of income. Without wages since March 25, the situation at home simply deteriorated. They ran out of food. NILAM and RAM couldn’t even avail the ration from the PDS shop, which the government had announced, because they did not have their ration cards. On probing further it came to light that since their names were not on the voters list of the panchayat, their ration cards weren’t made. When the issue was brought before the Sarpanch he provided the family with some ration to tide over for a few days. JGVS have been provide dry food , ration kits to the families with the help of CASA & MILAN and also daily wage labourers and stranded migrant workers in our local area. The focus is to provide ration kits to families who do not have ration cards or are persons with disabilities who simply cannot afford to get work or food during the lockdown period. 1558 such ration kits were donated by JGVS to Donations on Wheels which is a state government door to door initiative to collect food/ration/cash for those worst affected in the COVID-19 pandemic. JGVS is also reaching out to tribal families in MANIHARI block and JAKHANIYA through our team. “ Are you worried about COVID-19? If so, that’s okay. Are you carrying-on as usual, refusing to panic? That’s okay, too. The outside world seems beyond our control right now, but actually, we are not helpless. Not even close. You see, we still have control over one thing… how we treat each other and how we treat ourselves. Both of these will influence how bearable the next few days/weeks are.” :- Ms vimala maurya

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