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Social Justice and Inclusion

Reducing violence towards women and children

About the theme

“ Violence ever defeats its own ends” . The JGVS work to bring about social change in some of the most vulnerable sections of community and social justice is a key aspect of this. The trend of increasing violence against women and children is a major concern. The Trusts aim to end violence against women and children by working to strengthen child protection systems and addressing human trafficking with the help of tata trust and child line1098. The Trusts’ approach is focused on two fronts – the care and protection of children who are the victims of violence and the prevention of violence towards women and children. The Trusts also aim to tap into the human resources and technical expertise of like-minded partner organisations and to leverage their support to combating this issue “ Creating an equal world by changing the way people see women” :- Ms.Vimala maurya

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